The Magic of “Good Enough”

Good enough isn’t an excuse or a shortcut. Good enough leads to engagement.
Engagement leads to trust.
Trust gives us a chance to see (if we choose to look).
And seeing allows us to learn.
Learning allows us to make a promise.
And a promise might earn enrollment.
And enrollment is precisely what we need to achieve better.
Ship your work. It’s good enough.
Then make it better.

– Seth Godin, This Is Marketing


I’ve told it to our team a lot: “80/20 it guys!”Pareto’s 80/20 principle has become core to how I assess what good enough looks like.

But Seth Godin says it better. 

The magic of good enough helps us to visualize what 80/20 should look like. 

So as you go about our craft, as you do your best work, remember the magic of good enough.

Don’t worry about “getting it right” first time. You won’t. No one ever does.

Start with good enough. Then make it better


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