The Magic of “Good Enough”

In my time at Clearbridge and beyond, I’ve learned many principles that help me do my #bestwork but none that help us do #better than the concept of “good enough”.

This concept is made more clear when used in conjuntction with Pareto’s 80/20 principle.

I find myself always recommending to our team to, “80/20 it!”  when it comes to our team’s decision process. It has become core to how I assess what good enough looks like.

But Seth Godin says it better:

Good enough isn’t an excuse or a shortcut. Good enough leads to engagement.
Engagement leads to trust.
Trust gives us a chance to see (if we choose to look).
And seeing allows us to learn.
Learning allows us to make a promise.
And a promise might earn enrollment.
And enrollment is precisely what we need to achieve better.
Ship your work. It’s good enough.
Then make it better.

– Seth Godin, This Is Marketing

Especially today, where people want solutions almost immediately, we can’t afford to make things 100% perfect all the time: by the time we do that, the problem would have been solved already!

We want to solve problems in the #bestwayspossible, and to do that, we need to be quick to pivot, willing to change, and focusing on the 80/20 that matters to our business.

The magic of #goodenough helps us to visualize what 80/20 should look like. 

So as you go about your craft, as you do your best work, remember the magic of #goodenough.

Don’t worry about “getting it right” first time. You won’t. No one ever does.

Start with good enough. Then make it better

good enough magic

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