Our Story

Doing Great Work at Clearbridge Starts With Our Story

At Clearbridge, we help businesses (and their people) focus on what they do best by delivering IT Strategy, Security, and Support.

Our team is unique: we strive to provide high-quality, business-centric results through our under-promise and over-deliver model. We serve a broad community, including local and remote organizations across Canada and the US.

Ensuring you have a top-notch experience is our goal. Whether by learning about the technology around you or giving your business the support it needs to succeed—we’re excited to contribute to your growth!

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our Timeline

Our story begins here. It begins with people, because people are who make our company #better each day and real people are the ones that answer phones and engage with our customers and the world around us. Check out where we came from and where we’re headed!


CEO Ryan Kononoff founded Mailshine Technologies—a cloud-based email security service that helped businesses keep their inboxes safe from threats, and the people working in them productive (thanks to less unsolicited email).


To expand the service offering, Ryan founded Clearbridge Business Solutions (merged with Mailshine Technologies and two other businesses).


Ryan's company grew from just a few employees to over 10 with the creation of multiple teams within the business to support the growing needs of their customers.


Clearbridge merged with unetworks, a successful IT company based in Abbotsford, to expand its product offering.


The new Clearbridge office is scheduled to open in spring 2023, right in the middle of old downtown Abbotsford


We pride ourselves on doing great work at Clearbridge (the best in fact). Our culture is very much about who we are today and who we aspire to be tomorrow. That’s why we created the Clearbridge Playbook—a step-by-step guide that reviews all the important things that make us unlike any other technology company out there.

The book is divided into 4 sections:

    • Who We Are 
    • Our Brand
    • Communication
    • Our Space

We hope our Playbook shows you the potential we ALL have to make our marks in this world.

To your best work,