Our Approach

Breaking Down How We Do Our #bestwork

What We’re Known For

What’s our approach? When we do our #bestwork, we don’t leave anything to chance!

We have processes in place that enable us to perform at our best, day in and day out.

Below is more than a list of things that help us do our #bestwork. Each item is something we’ve integrated into our culture over time. We’ve seen positive results in doing so and want to continue delivering remarkable results in our business AND ESPECIALLY to our customers.

Look, Create, Update infographic

Look, Create, Update.

This process helps our team to do their #bestwork.
LOOK and find the relevant documentation, and follow the instructions. If the instructions do not exist, CREATE them. And if the instructions exist, but are outdated, UPDATE them so that anyone in the future can use the resource.

Our Love for Business and Technology.

We are business and technology enthusiasts fortunate enough to show up each day to work on the things we love. We strive to make this evident by showing up, communicating, and producing results. This reflects our love for business and technology working together for good.

Our Love for Business and Technology infographic
Innovation infographic

Our Approach That Differs Us from the Competition – Innovation.

With every customer request, trouble ticket, project, and conversation, we are in pursuit of innovation. We’re looking to get our customers onto the best and most efficient track. To achieve this, we find the most effective long-term solutions possible. At times, this requires us to use technology.

Our Approach to Everything We Tackle – Being Doers.

We’re often described as the company that does everything they say they will do. When dealing with us you won’t have to poke, prod, follow up or push us to completion. We actively look for things that need to be done—and we get right out there and do them.

Being Doers infographic
our approach - Remarkable Communication infographic

Our Approach Prioritizes Remarkable Communication.

We prioritize great communication above all else. We use it to our advantage in building good great relationships. To us, having great relationships means ensuring those that need help with their technology have it at the most appropriate time and in the most appropriate way.

Exemplary Operating Standards.

Instead of seeking average results, we go beyond good and seek out GREAT. This sets a standard that everyone around us wants to “be like”. Look around you and think of your experience visiting a used car lot. Then compare that to visiting Starbucks (good vs great make a big difference).

our approach - Exemplary Operating Standards infographic
our approach - Technology Expertise & Experience infographic

Technology Expertise & Experience.

We are the security, network, infrastructure, strategy, support, and cloud experts. Those with experience and expertise come to us for experience and expertise. We are known as experts with experience. This makes us leaders in our industry you can trust and rely on to get the job done.

Doing Everything the #BestWay.

We know that the best way is generally not the most obvious or easiest way. However, in the long term, it’s always the way that produces the right results we really want (and need) all along. Ask why until you understand. Then move on to the how and improve as necessary.

our approach - Doing Everything the #BestWay infographic
our approach - Exclusivity infographic

Our Approach Focuses on Exclusivity.

We learn to maintain exclusivity around the vendors, customers, and staff we work with. This is the best way to build and sustain long-term, high-value relationships. By focusing on mutual high-value, low-friction relationships where everybody wins, we make #better decisions.

Doing & Inspiring Philanthropy.

We are philanthropic in three ways: through the money we donate, the leadership we provide to our community, and the time we give. We sustainably execute on all three. To positively impact the world around us, we focus on running a company that can give back—and we do.

our approach - Doing & Inspiring Philanthropy infographic
our approach - Supporting Each Other infographic

Supporting Each Other.

We lead by example. How we treat and support each other benefits Clearbridge, Clearbridgers and our customers. This is demonstrated through how we choose to invest. Additionally, our posture toward each other, and the work-life balance we embrace.

Our Approach Is Always Moving Fast.

Moving fast is part of who we are. It is also a critical component of why our customers continue to choose to work with us. We recognize that moving fast will result in mistakes along the way. But we can fix those mistakes (and learn from them). They can make us #better, and ultimately lead to innovation.

our approach - Moving Fast infographic

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