Our Top Frequently Asked Questions

IT providers support organizations with creating, managing, and optimizing information technology and business processes. At Clearbridge, we have assembled qualified and knowledgeable Operations Technicians (Tier 1, 2, and 3), IT consultants, and relationship managers. We are experts in multiple technologies that include Networks, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, Servers, Cloud Services, Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Continuity Planning, Data Management, Cybersecurity and Technology Training.

At Clearbridge, we do more than fix technology. We help businesses (and their people) focus on what they do best by delivering exceptional IT Strategy, Security, and Support. Our team provides high-quality, business-centric results through our under-promise and over-delivery model. We help businesses create a business continuity plan (BCP), disaster recovery plan (DRP), and incident response plan (IRP). We have created an extensive Cybersecurity Toolkit, which empowers you and your business to get on the right path to cyberresilience, minimizing your risk of exposure to cyberthreats and attacks.

We primarily serve small to medium-sized businesses in the Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland and remote across Canada and the US.

We are open Monday through Friday, from 7 am to 5 pm (PST). For emergencies, we are available 24/7. Visit our Contact page.

An IT emergency is where a situation impacts many people, and the emergency affects your ability to work. For example, a system outage or network threatened by a cyberattack such as ransomware, phishing etc.

A cyberattack is an intentional attempt by an individual, group or organization to breach another individual, group or organization’s sensitive information, systems or data. Cyberattacks happen every day and are an absolute threat to every business. Learn about the five types of cyberattacks and how to recognize them.

2022 is the Year of Cybersecurity at Clearbridge. We have dedicated a lot of time toward creating resources and educational content like our Cybersecurity Toolkit. These resources will arm you (or anyone interested in learning how to protect themselves from cyberattacks, for that matter) with the knowledge to recognize a cyberattack and know ways to stay safe and secure. The resources we have created come in many formats, from blogs to videos to one-pagers; there is something for you!
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Our IT Solutions encompass three areas – IT Strategy (we help you build a custom strategy so your technology works and your team can focus on doing their best work); IT Security (we minimize a potential security loss or disruption caused by cybercriminals targeting your data); and IT Support (we provide you with training and assistance along the way with skilled help from our business and technology experts). Visit Our Services page for more information.

In 2005, our CEO Ryan Kononoff founded Mailshine Technologies. MT was a cloud-based email security service that helped businesses keep their inboxes safe from threats. It also enabled the people working in them to be as productive as possible (thanks to unsolicited emails). To expand the service offering, Ryan founded Clearbridge Business Solutions in 2009. By 2014, the company grew from just a few employees to over ten and had multiple new teams within the business to support the growing needs of its customers. In 2021, Clearbridge merged with unetworks, a successful IT company based in Abbotsford, to expand its product offering. For more details, visit the Our Story page!

In 2023, the new Clearbridge office will open right in the middle of old downtown Abbotsford. We are excited to grow our team in the coming year. Learn more about careers at Clearbridge here!

We are a team of business AND technology experts with the experience and expertise to tailor specific solutions that will work for you and your business. In addition, we LOVE technology and the optimization it brings to a business. Taking a dedicated and passionate approach, we equip you with the best tools and means to build and thrive. Lastly, we offer a comprehensive experience focused on positivity and growth. We know the IT world is complex, so we do our best to provide outstanding customer service and top-notch resources. To sum up, we have everything (technology-speaking) you need right here!

We have two main product offerings; both deliver exceptional IT Strategy, IT Security, and IT Support so your business can thrive. IT Assurance is a technology partnership that provides businesses with a single point of contact for all computer, server, network, hardware, and software support needs. ClearOne gives companies access to an extensive IT department to support their organization, so teams can focus on their jobs, knowing they have help the whole way. If you have any questions about IT Assurance and ClearOne and which offering would serve your business better, feel free to reach out to us anytime for a more detailed overview!

We offer:

  • Emergency support 24/7
  • Quick response time
  • Knowledgeable team
  • Competitive packages to suit your needs
  • High-quality online training and resources
  • A customer experience unique to your business
  • Clear and transparent communication
  • Assistance with automation and productivity
  • Focus on cybersecurity management

At Clearbridge, we solve business problems using technology. We build a human connection with our team and customers. This differentiator allows us to develop long-lasting relationships and create business improvements overall. We look forward to helping you optimize your processes so that you can maximize how you use your technology at work. If you want to learn more or are ready to partner with us, contact us and get started!