5 Things We Can Learn From A Gym That Went Digital

5 Things We Can Learn From A Gym That Went Digital

When gyms and training facilities were forced to close their doors in March due to Coronavirus, Vik Gill—Founder & Lead Trainer of The Fitness Lab—knew he had to change his business or risk losing it. 

The Fitness Lab had already been investing in technology, but Vik didn’t realize at the time how much that investment was going to pay off. His active investment into tech proved highly valuable—as Vik closed his physical doors, he was able to immediately ramp up his digital services.

Five key insights we can all learn from Vik:

  1. Invest in a digital strategy. The pandemic has only pushed us deeper into a digital age. If you aren’t investing in digital, your competition will be. 
  2. Focus on what you can control. You can’t control a pandemic or the government’s decisions. You can control your mindset. How can you pivot and adapt, what can you learn, teach or improve? 
  3. Serve your customers and they’ll serve you. Your customers will always have new problems—you need to continue to find new answers. Solve their problems and they’ll solve yours. 
  4. Invest in content. More than ever, the world is consuming content. Invest in quality content you can leverage across multiple platforms, be it written, video, audio or photo. Content could be a demo of your product, your service, your people, or answers to common questions. 
  5. Be opportunistic. If customer growth is stagnant (and even if it’s not), seek new opportunities in new markets. Think outside the box. What other markets, industries, could benefit from your offering. Could you adapt and adjust your business offering to reach a wider audience? 

Vik set his business up for success by investing in digital technology prior to the pandemic, and is able to survive by continuing to innovate while locked down. 

To learn more about The Fitness Lab and hear Vik’s story, click below to listen to the whole interview on the Entrepreneurs Vs Coronavirus podcast with Clearbridge founder & CEO, Ryan Kononoff.