Thriving In A Pandemic: 7 Things We Can Learn From An Online Training Business

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Parker Ray
and his father founded back in 2003—the world’s first online NDT training platform. Parker and his father created an effective and sustainable way of conducting their NDT training courses online, while maintaining the quality and integrity of the in-person training experience—something that hadn’t been done before in their industry. 

With the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic and its devastating economic impact on most businesses, has adapted their offering to the changing needs of the market around them. They’ve even seen their business grow in March by over 30% month-to-date (with a week left to go)!

7 Key Takeaways From Parker Ray of Worldspec:

  1. Investing early in a digital strategy can pay off substantially in the long-run.
  2. You can use a low-cost provider strategy while still offering significant value to your customers.
  3. Take advantage of situations like a pandemic to look for opportunities to improve efficiencies and processes within your business.
  4. Focus on where the biggest business opportunities are going to be in your industry and how you’ll solve them.
  5. Traditional B2B customers are being forced to shift their mindsets, creating a new, growing market for innovative products and technologies.
  6. Listen to your customers—your best ideas might come from them, like adjusted payment plans, subscriptions or tiered pricing.
  7. Always seek to mitigate the constant “virus” risk of disruptive technology—if you’re not innovating, someone else will be—and they might put you out of business.

Click below to listen to Clearbridge founder & CEO, Ryan Kononoff, dive deep into the mindset, actions, and innovations of Parker Ray and the team.