How To Use Gmail BETTER—in 3 Minutes

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There are a lot of great email client options out there to choose from. Gmail is one of the most-used email client in the world which is why we put together this quick post.

Using Gmail more efficiently will help you do your work better—and we want you to do your best work. In this video you’ll learn 4 tips to help you get the most out of Gmail.



The Archive & Search Strategy

What is Google first and foremost? A search engine. So it only makes sense to leverage the powerful search capabilities found in Gmail. The Archive & Search strategy prescribes archiving any email you’re finished with but don’t want to delete entirely. Archive an email by selecting it and clicking the ‘archive’ button. You can find your archived emails in your All Mail folder. If you ever want to refer back to an archived email, all you have to do is enter any information from the email into Gmail’s search bar and emails that share the search terms will appear.

This strategy saves you time because you don’t have to waste energy categorizing and moving emails into appropriate folders. You’ll also reap the benefits of a tidy inbox!

Using Conversation View

When you begin using Gmail, your settings default to Conversation view. What this means is all replies pertaining to an email message are contained in one email and appear in your inbox as one message, as opposed to multiple items in your inbox. If multiple people are involved in the email chain, all of their replies will be in that email conversation.

We recommend using and getting accustomed to Conversation view as it will reduce clutter in your inbox, help you stay better organized and makes searching and referencing emails much easier.

Reading Pane

The Reading Pane in Gmail allows you to keep an eye on your inbox while reviewing individual messages. This strategy will be most helpful for those accustomed to using Microsoft Outlook and help ease the friction of switching to a new email platform.

The Gmail App

Every smartphone comes with its own built-in email client, but we recommend ignoring it and instead downloading and using the Gmail app.

The built-in email client will work theoretically, but you won’t be privy to all of the powerful functionalities and synchronous features found in the Gmail app. Using the Gmail app alongside its web browser version will provide the best and most complete user experience.

There are a lot more ways you can use Gmail to be more effective and efficient in your day-to-day work, but these 4 ways are a great place to start.

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