3 Benefits of Investing in Tech: What We Can Learn From a Food Service Business

Benny Doro

Benny Doro is the Founder & President of All Your Foods. When the Coronavirus pandemic began shuttering businesses, Benny’s first thought was, “Who’s going away?” This mindset propelled his decision to focus on businesses within his market who were going to be most affected by the pandemic, and how he could better serve those customers. 

And thanks to a concentrated investment in technology over the past four years, All Your Foods was able to shift their business offerings and attempt to replace those who were “going away,” as he puts it, when the Coronavirus pandemic disrupted business as we know it.

So why did a business focused on food invest so heavily in technology? Benny and his team realized the benefits that technology could bring to their business—something we can all learn from.

How Does Investing in Tech Help Your Business?

Investing in technology makes your business…

  1. Easier to Operate. Technology helps your business with simple and mundane tasks that people often struggle with, and it can operate 24/7. People cannot. Instead of replacing people with technology, move your people up the chain and involve them with more complex work that can’t be digitized or automated as easily. 
  2. Easier to Scale. Technology can enable you to scale by flicking a switch, clicking your mouse, or without any human interaction at all. Ramping up production, opening new locations, and training new employees are all made much easier with the right tech in place. 
  3. Easier to Diversify. Benny was able to ask who’s going away and diversify his offerings to fill gaps in the market and seize the opportunities presented by shuttered businesses. He couldn’t have done this without his investment in technology. Think about competitors or complementary businesses in your segment: could you adapt your technology to serve a new segment of your market? Could you improve your technology to gain a competitive edge?

Do you have questions about how you can invest in technology for your business? We can help. Reach out to us any time, we’d love to connect with you. 

Click below to hear the full conversation between Benny Doro—Founder & President of All Your Foods—and Clearbridge Founder & CEO Ryan Kononoff.