A Big Change is Coming!

At Clearbridge, the greatest constant in our business is change and our ability to embrace it!

This has especially been shown with the way we’ve grown over the years.

From our humble beginnings with one person, to an exciting team of five employees, and to now an all-star cast of 19 staff members, we’ve embraced change as it has come our way over time, and we are always looking forward to what’s next in store!

Our team loves the work they do and the space they get to do it, but we always want to make sure we’re performing our best.

If you ask any Clearbridger today what one thing they would change about the company, the most common response you’d receive is, “it would be nice if we had more space.”

We’ve taken this to heart and we have an exciting announcement!

In 2023, we’re moving into a new space! We’ll be taking over the original RBC location in old Abbotsford, which was established in 1908. 

It is a big, beautiful building in the heart of downtown, and the space just can’t be beat: from our current 1,500 sq ft to over 7,000 sq ft in our new location! As a community-focused business, this is exactly where we want to be.

It’s still a ways away from moving day for us, but this is an exciting change that means so much not just to our team, but to us as a whole!

We want our customers to do their best work, and we help them get there by doing ours! This future home will enable us to do more than we’ve ever dreamed of, and we can’t wait to take you on the journey with us!

Want to learn more about Clearbridge and what we do? Get in touch today so we can explore how we can help you do the best work you’ve ever done.