How To Save ANY Webpage as a PDF

Saving a webpage as a PDF is a simple and useful way to store and share online resources and information.

Saving files to a pdf format are a great idea because the pdf filetype is universally known and accepted for multiple platforms and operating systems!

What does that mean for you?

It means you can email that important cybersecurity resource from your Microsoft machine to your friend’s Mac and they can still read it without having to download or pay for a software they would only use for fringe cases.

Save a Webpage as PDF

First, navigate to the webpage you want to save.

Right-click on the page and hit “Print”. Or you can use the keyboard shortcut “CTRL + P”.

This will bring up the print preview, but don’t hit that print button yet! Change the destination to “Save as PDF,” then press “Print”.

Lastly, select the destination you want to save the pdf to. Press save once you’re done.

There you have it! You can now save ALL the information on your computer! Well, as long as you have space on it!

This productivity tip can help you immensely, especially when you share multiple resources often!

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