How Northwest Tank Lines Improved Virtual Training & Saved Time with the Support of Clearbridge

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solving problems with technology

When COVID-19 forced training & orientations to go virtual, Northwest Tank Lines was faced with a number of new challenges—one of them being how they were going to train their new truck drivers on how to virtually submit their billing paperwork. Submitting their billing is a crucial step: it’s how the drivers get paid and how their customers get billed. 

Virginia Mihaljevich is the Administrative Supervisor at Northwest Tank Lines and part of her job is to conduct the paperwork module during the new truck driver orientation. One aspect of this orientation is training the drivers on how to use a smartphone app to scan and submit their billing paperwork digitally instead of physically.

Virginia would conduct this training in-person for every new cohort of drivers, and it was simple enough to demonstrate the software to a group of drivers, but when COVID-19 came along and made it unsafe for in-person training, Virginia had to train and demonstrate how the app worked virtually, which was much more challenging than doing it in-person.

When it became virtual, it took forever to show them parts of the app.
– Virginia M.

This task was taking up a decent amount of her time, so Virginia considered a better solution for the training, which is when she reached out to Bri here at Clearbridge asking if we’d be able to help. She asked if Clearbridge could create a tutorial video demonstrating every step of the process—from downloading the app to submitting the paperwork. 

They would see how easy it is and it’s saved a half hour [per orientation]!
– Virginia M. 


Our team was able to come up with not one but four videos to support Northwest Tank Lines’ needs and take the burden off of Virginia’s hands. This has resulted in her saving approximately 30 minutes per driver orientation—which can really add up!

With the time savings, Virginia is now able to focus on other high impact work with the peace of mind her drivers are still getting the training they need. 


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