What The Best Customer Service Is Really About

As IT professionals, customer service matters. We are not just maintaining networks and devices. We are focused on the people that help us do our best work (our staff) for the people we’re here to help do their best work (our customers). The human connection we build with our team and customers, and the experience they have because of it dictates our ability to create long-lasting relationships and improvements for our business overall.

According to one study, 86% of customers will quit doing business with a company because of a terrible experience. 

Further to that, 7 out of 10 customers will spend more money to ensure they receive excellent customer service.

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So, what is excellent customer service?

It’s a well-defined strategy that centres on positive customer experiences, ultimately distinguishing how a company operates.

We are passionate about ensuring our customers are not only satisfied with our ability to help them do their #bestwork, but that they are excited to work with us along the way.

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Customer service tip 1 – We keep things human.

We all look for situations where we can feel seen, heard, and valued. 

At Clearbridge, this idea is important to us. 

We prioritize a strong internal support system first so our external relationships can flourish.

Our culture is something we take pride in. Our office is full of collaboration, thoughtful conversations, and laughter. We genuinely look forward to working with one another which directly translates into how we connect with our customers.

We focus our energy on keeping things human; here are two ways we do this:

  1. Supporting Each Other – Our team creates and continuously improves processes to find the best solutions to problems. Problems are opportunities for us. Discovering opportunities within problems creates possibilities for development. Ultimately, we help each other (personally and professionally) succeed.
  2. Making Mistakes – Everything great in life is the direct result of a mistake somewhere along the way. We understand that mistakes come with the territory of moving fast, innovating, making things #better, and realizing our mission every day.
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Customer service tip 2 – We focus on getting the right answer effectively.

Within IT, there are many moving parts—multiple contact points, differing technical knowledge, and a variety of needs a company must address to propel their business forward. 

The IT environment demands hustle, as some issues like dealing with threats from a cyberattack require immediate attention. 

Additionally, an organization may require cybersecurity training for their employees. We take time to put together valuable resources to help your team better understand security risks and symptoms. 

Overall, we observe the need to respond to a business or technology problem, then take action.

Customer service - Observe, respond, action graphic

Here are two ways we get the right answers effectively:

  1. Innovation – With every customer request, trouble ticket, project, and conversation we have, we pursue innovation. We first try to get people back on track and then secondarily we focus on the best long-term solution.
  2. Measure Twice (Cut Once) – We like to move fast, but not carelessly fast. We do this with tactical agility—or moving fast, strategically. We “measure” or check our work at least twice (often someone else helps) before committing to “a cut” so that we only have to cut once.


Customer service tip 3 – We invest in excellent phone support.

How many times have you been stuck in a phone queue waiting to hear from a human for support? At Clearbridge, we recognize the importance of having a team of caring, knowledgeable, and available people so our customers will never have to deal with a horrible automated experience. 

Here are the steps our dispatcher and support team follow when taking incoming calls:

  1. Prepare – Be mentally prepared, ready to capture notes. Take a deep breath and smile before answering.
  2. Answer – Answer the phone promptly, then offer a friendly yet professional greeting. Be sure to speak with a smile, be clear, and avoid using slang. This is an opportunity to start the conversation on a positive note, so use an upbeat tone to help the customer feel welcomed and at ease.
  3. Rapport – Be enthusiastic, friendly, and genuine. Make the customer feel comfortable! You do not have to be extremely formal but err on professionalism. Ask open-ended questions. If a customer is not interested in chatting, simply let them know, “I captured all of the information should it be required in the future!”
  4. Lead – Maintain control of the conversation and gather as much information about the problem (if there is one) as effectively as possible.
  5. Capture – Capture notes and repeat what they say to confirm the information. If unsure, ask for clarity and always practice active listening.
  6. Ask – The more questions, the better. We are excellent question-askers! Be curious and take detailed notes. Summarize the information, verbally confirming the information received from the customer to avoid any misunderstandings or the need to follow up too soon to ask again.
  7. Timeline – Give the customer a timeframe. If there is a need to get back to them, let them know. The minimum standard is to set a realistic timeline for follow-up and then stick to it.
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Customer service tip 4 – We listen to and implement customer feedback.

77% of consumers feel more favourable if a company actively considers and acts on their feedback. At Clearbridge, we value feedback as it provides insight that allows us to improve our customer service approach and processes. We take time to ask our customers how they feel about their interactions with us, then use this information to guide all future decision-making. Involving our customers is essential as we want them to feel like our partners, not just customers.

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Customer service tip 5 – We make customer service meaningful.

Every employee at Clearbridge appreciates and understands the work involved in being able to do our jobs well. We want to provide our customers with an experience they’ll never forget. 

Here are a couple of ways we maintain this at Clearbridge:

  1. Persistence, Not Roadblocks – When presented with a roadblock, we find solutions. This often results in going around, under, over, or through roadblocks. Persistence gets the desired result
  2. Our Best Work – Doing our best work (which enables our customers to do theirs) takes effort, intent, and grit. So, we show up prepared and focused to do our best. This involves having a team of people handpicked to carry out the best definition of customer service—the desire and drive to care about people.

To upkeep a consistent and effective customer service experience for our customers, we continually ask ourselves 3 questions:

  • Is our approach focused on customer productivity and satisfaction? 
  • Do our processes build credibility and ensure the most optimal usage of IT products and services? 
  • By delivering our level of IT customer service, is our operation and team fully aligned with our mission? 

Customer service is critical. In the IT industry, you can get technical knowledge and expertise anywhere. But it might be harder to find a place focused on human connection. At Clearbridge, we help our customers find the right solution in the most effective ways possible. This involves keeping our interactions human, investing in our systems, and being great active listeners—all the while ensuring that we support our team to do their #bestwork, so our customers can do theirs too. 

Talk to us to learn more about how we prioritize a world-class customer experience at Clearbridge!

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