What is ClearOne?

Clearbridge Business Solutions provides technology services to businesses in a few unique ways. ClearOne is our most comprehensive offering spanning all technology facets in your business.

What is ClearOne?

We observed that businesses without sizable in-house IT departments often ran IT as an afterthought that only gained attention when something went wrong.

Layered on top of this was the fact that these organizations wanted more out of their people and their work. They wanted them to work efficiently, and to make strategic investments into technology.

In essence, we saw how many small and medium sized businesses wanted everything you would get from a robust and c-suite led technology team.

So, we created ClearOne

ClearOne gives your business a full IT department to support the running of your organization. This allows your team to focus solely on their jobs knowing that they have technological support the whole way.

Our services include:

  • Day-to-day technical support
  • Hardware maintenance and installation
  • Project planning
  • New initiatives
  • Software development
  • Reporting
  • Strategic alignment of technology

Having a service like ClearOne means you can show up to work tomorrow and have immediate access to a team of IT professionals. These professionals have the knowledge and experience to participate in meetings, conduct training, manage projects and new initiatives around improving the work you do each day.

This allows you to create an IT budget that is investment focused while still being optimized with cost controls in place to ensure your technological return on investment is exactly what your organization needs.

ClearOne takes care of everything IT related so you and your people can focus on doing their best work.

  • Account management
  • Support
  • Training
  • All hardware
  • Contract negotiation
  • Software
  • Software development
  • Phone lines
  • Connectivity
  • Cellular

Whether we’ve peaked your interest and you have questions or you’re ready to move forward with ClearOne, we’d love to talk with you.