What Remarkable Communication Looks Like at Clearbridge

Sharing of information is core to our culture here at Clearbridge. Remarkable Communication is one of the key ingredients for our success leading up to today. Every day at Clearbridge is composed of many moving parts, all with the end goal of helping our customers to do their best work. No two days are the same and keeping track of everyone and what they are up to can be challenging at best. We have worked hard and will continue to work hard to take the guesswork out of it for everyone at Clearbridge.


We’ve worked hard to build a culture of feedback both within our walls at Clearbridge (with our staff) and outside of our walls too (with our customers and vendors). We all need feedback about our performance in order to be #better and to know we’re not failing. The expectation at Clearbridge is that everyone, regardless of their role, will use open and constructive feedback around us, anytime we need to. Feedback can sound scary, but at Clearbridge we use these moments as opportunities to grow and be #better.


Starting the morning off right is important, it sets the tone and helps to prepare for a successful day ahead. Each morning we all set aside time to gather— whether we are working at HQ or remotely, for a morning kickoff to connect, share our priorities, important updates, and of course some laughs.

A favourite day of the week for the team is Shoutout Friday. Instead of a daily question, we ask everyone to shout out a team member for a job well done. 

Check out a few of our previously asked daily questions: 

  • What are you committed to completing today? 
  • How do you determine a successful day? 
  • When are you most creative/innovative? 
  • What is one fact about our customers that you can share with the team? 
  • What inspires you about technology?

These are also great conversation starters! Our morning discussions often provide the team with the opportunity to collaborate and offer support and expertise after the meeting has finished.

Being part of our culture of sharing helps to clear up valuable headspace (and even perhaps time). We can easily see what our teammates are up to, the goals they are working towards for the week—hey, maybe we can even help them to achieve their goal—and what accomplishments they are celebrating right now.

Most importantly, the sum of these forms of communication also helps boost our overall team connection whether you’re physically in Abbotsford or way off in -40 Calgary. 

Clearbridgers engage, share, collaborate, and help maintain channels of Remarkable Communication as we continue to work together to find #better.