Introducing The Work Better Podcast

Change is a constant here at Clearbridge because we know there’s always #better out there! We are always in pursuit of better ways to do work and, in turn, live life! With that in mind, we’d like to introduce the Work Better Podcast!

Building on our Entrepreneurs vs Coronavirus podcast that we launched in the spring of 2020, we’re excited to announce a rebranded and shorter format podcast (which will become episode 11) – to regularly share insights into how we do better work each day at Clearbridge.

The Work Better Podcast

What You’ll Hear In  The Work #Better Podcast

This podcast brings you behind the curtains into how Clearbridge sets our people up to do their best work, and how that translates into better products and services for our customers.

We’re diving into the inner workings of our business and how we shape ourselves and our team up for success!

Join us each week as we dive into a key question or opportunity that has surfaced in our business along the journey. 

In episode 11—the first in The Work #Better series— Relationship Manager Allison McConnell sits down with our CEO, Ryan Kononoff, to discuss how Clearbridge uses flat leadership for better employee engagement.