Founded in 2005, Clearbridge is a business services company based out of Abbotsford, BC. We focus on back-end operations, which include areas within finance, marketing, HR, administration, customer service, and technology. We provide value in these areas with an acute focus on leveraging technology where possible. 

Clearbridge Business Solutions embraces a small-business attitude and agility yet leverages our background and experience in the enterprise space. 

We focus on creating long-term partnerships with our customers, rather than serving one-off customers through single projects. This allows us to really get to know their teams, their businesses, and the opportunities laying in front of us together. We strive to provide high quality business-centric results through our under-promise and over-deliver model. We serve organizations both local to our community as well as remote across Canada and the United States.

Clearbridge is a company of builders. We build solutions to solve real business problems, and we support those solutions end-to-end in an all inclusive manner. We are highly agile, available, and always there to ask the question, “How can we help?”