6 Things This Entrepreneur Did To Shift His Mindset—After Losing 300k In 24 Hours

6 Things This Entrepreneur Did To Shift His Mindset—After Losing 300k In 24 Hours

Jordan Kettner, Founder of Kettner Creative, filmed and posted a somber YouTube video on March 13th, 2020. This Video was detailing how his business had just lost 100% of their anticipated revenues of approximately $300,000—in one day—thanks to Coronavirus.

Though he and his wife admittedly shed tears that morning in their warehouse full of audio-visual equipment, they didn’t let that mindset persist the next morning. After accepting what had happened, Jordan shifted his mindset quickly the next day to focus on what he could control. 

Jordan quickly took action and was able to reduce the bulk of his debts and bills to manageable amounts. And thanks to the Canadian government’s support for small business, he was eventually able to hire back 100% of the staff he’d recently laid off. 

6 Things to Help You Shift Your Mindset

Thanks to some encouragement from his family early on, Jordan gleaned some valuable insights from a book that helped him shift his mindset. With these insights, Jordan focused on doing six things every day: 

  1. Set up your daily routine – get out of bed and do your usual routine as if it’s still business as usual. 
  2. Spend 15 minutes a day and make contact with 3 people – say hello, tell them you miss working with them and ask how they’re doing.
  3. Use the opportunity for training – if you aren’t in the position to grow your business right now, invest in training. 
  4. Try something new – you might awaken a new passion you never knew existed. 
  5. Enjoy your new work-life balance – as a self-employed person, now is the absolute best time to spend more quality time with your friends (from a distance) and loved ones.
  6. Journal daily – document your experience by writing down every day:
    • 3 things you’re thankful for 
    • A bulleted list of everything you did that day to provide a sense of accomplishment and momentum
    • 2 things you want to conquer tomorrow, so when your alarm goes off you have something to do right away

How has your mindset shifted in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic? If you or your business are feeling the harsh realities of this global pandemic, try a mindset shift. Commit to the six principles Jordan refers to above for 2 weeks and then reassess.

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