3 Things Every Business Should Be Investing In Right Now

Charlotte and Rob Lepp

Charlotte and Rob Lepp opened up Lepp Farm Market in 2009. It didn’t take long for the little Abbotsford market to become a hub for local foodies and fresh food enthusiasts alike. Just as the Lepp Farm Market management team was really hitting their stride 10 years in, the Coronavirus came and changed all of that. 

Now they find themselves in the middle of a global pandemic. So they’re pivoting and adjusting almost daily to keep their employees, customers, and business safe. 

So what’s their focus? Charlotte and her team are investing in three things. Those things have proved priceless while building their business, and while adjusting to business during a pandemic.

How You Should Be Investing in Your Business?

  1. Invest in your people. Charlotte and Rob believe that if they invest in their people, their people will look after the business. Therefore, as the pandemic unfolded, Lepp Farm Market hired a counsellor. They signed every one of their employees up for optional counselling sessions to help deal with the anxiety of the situation. They also afforded employees feeling too anxious or scared the freedom to stay home and return to work when they were feeling ready.
  2. Invest in new ideas (that might not work). Given the circumstances and need for a safe shopping environment, the opportunity emerged for Lepp Farm Market to invest in online ordering technology. Unsure how it would work exactly—or if it would work at all—they dove in. They were able to set up an “online shop” in a week’s time, something they wouldn’t have otherwise proceeded with right now.
  3. Invest in learning. A growth mindset is critical when faced with challenges. Charlotte and their management team are constantly listening, reading and learning how to forge ahead in the best way possible. They invested in a business coach when opening their business. And now they invest their time listening to podcasts, reading books and attending webinars. You may find yourself with more time on your hands than usual, so take the opportunity to educate yourself, expand your perspective, and learn from others. 

These strategies aren’t new but they are relevant now more than ever. We’re all forced to adjust the way we conduct business today—and whatever tomorrow’s “new normal” looks like.

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